Nervosa/Suspended Reggie’s CHICAGO 8/19/2016


Nervosa/Suspended Reggies August 19th 2016

For some odd reason, stupid people want to reverse women’s rights. The outcry from some politicians, namely right wingers is fucking gross. Taking away a woman’s right to abort, to use condoms, even vote. I mean, really? What century are we living in?

Thank goodness we have ladies like Nervosa and Suspended to dispel thenotion that women can’t rock as hard as men. It’s a stupid thing to think in the first place, especially since we are the more intelligent sex. Yeah, shut up, this has been proven, neanderthals! So it’s only logical we could rock as hard or harder than the men. These gals in both bands proved it with both acts showing their chops delivering some in your face thrash, which I am a big fan of. Yes, bring on the thrash metal and down with the haters. Not only did both bands, Nervosa from Brazil and Suspended from Albuquerque New Mexico, respectively kick ass during their sets, they wowed the mostly male crowd with their outstanding play and showmanship.

Also, the girls from both bands are very cool. I hope to chat with Ms. Lira … no we are not related … The lead singer from Nervosa at a later date.

Please follow both bands





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