Crashdiet/Crucified Barbara at DOUBLE DOOR


Crashdiet/Crucified Barbara

Double Door

When I attended the show on April 4th at the Double Door, I attempted to remember the last time I’d been there. I talked with E, asking her repeatedly about other instances besides Neurotic Outsiders almost twenty years ago was the only instance. Damn. That long? So you could imagine how excited I was to see a band I’d been introduced to by fellow author Melanie Tushmore called Crashdiet.

She’d posted their videos on my page. California and Cocaine Cowboys and I have to say, the moment I heard about their North American Tour I had to check them out. Sort of weird for a Thursday night to be seeing a heavy metal gig, but what the hell? We’ve got nothing but responsibilities of our jobs, my family, we got time to see a gig. *snicker*

So we get there, just in time to catch the third band on the bill. They had good energy but in all truth, the band looked like a bunch of has been’s. The lead singer resembled a cross between Axl Rose and Robert Plant. Dressed more like Robert, sang like Axl. Too bad the music didn’t measure up to the lead singer high energy performance. Ah well, when you see shows like this it’s always a hit or miss.

Next up, Crucified Barbara an all-female metal outfit who I’d never heard of until that night. I have to admit, I was afraid, very afraid I might see 4 versions of Lita Ford wannabees up there, or worse, Vixen. *thumbs down* But instead, I saw 4 very talented ladies who could play their asses off. They had the crowd of mostly men, jumping up and down during their songs and well, the girls aren’t just pretty faces. They’re actually quite talented! I really enjoyed their energetic set and they blew that band before them away. Hehe, the joke should be on that last band. “Ha, you just got your metal asses kicked by a bunch of chicks!” And actually, they measured up to the headliner, proving that girls really can rock as hard as boys.

Lastly, the headliner Crashdiet. Can I just say that I love this band? Talk about high energy, attitude, sleaze, glam, campy rock at its finest came back to Chicago that night. The outfit from Sweden was totally impressive, playing tunes like Cocaine Cowboys, whipped the small crowd into a frenzy. I thought I was watching the reincarnation of the Crue but in my estimation, I believe Crashdiet has more spunk, more punch, and damnit they rocked my ol’ ass. *laughs* Of course, after the show I had to buy the album and show my support for a band who’s been through heartbreaking changes since their inception in 2004. Stating with the suicide of their first lead singer, Dave Lepard, to the firing of their second singer, H. Olliver Twisted. Now, the three original members along with new singe
In conclusion, you want to be transported back in time with some hard rocking glam then pick up Crashdiet and/or see them at a local venue. You won’t be disappointed.r, Simon Cruz are better than ever with their latest album and they look to be on the right track to stardom.


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