Old Metalheads Can Still Rock Too



“Schools a job but you don’t get paid!”

Who’s lyric is that? Do you know how fucking old that lyric is? Let’s see. Beneath the Wheel on the album Thrash Zone in 1989! What the hell, man? I was in high school in 1989. Yes that means I’m an ol’ ass mother fucker just like most of the cats that attended the 18 and over show at HoB on a freaking Wednesday. Wait a minute. Don’t most of us metalheads at this age, well you know, my age, have jobs, families, you know responsibilities? Yep, but that’s okay, even ol’ asses like us can enjoy a metal show and with bills like this; Suicidal, DRI, and Waking the Dead, we get to put on our gymshoes, shorts, tie scarves around our heads, and mosh like youngins, in the pit.

Sure there was some young people in the crowd but, well, damn, it was mostly us grey haired, mofos with cars, babies, mortgages, and bad credit. *jokes* Along with the young people who might not have been born when Suicidal started (1981) or when DRI’s Beneath the Wheel came out in 1989, us old foggies enjoyed a hard rocking set that took us back to the old glory days of thrash. *smiles with fondness* When MTV had videos in regular rotation. Imagine that. When music was hard and kicked ass, taking no prisoners. Ah, yes the good ol’ fuckin days. Mike Muir and company definitely took us there and brought the funk along with them too.

But first, a word about Waking the Dead. They definitely got the ball rolling, starting this metal night off with a rousing set of thrash all of their own. DRI got it going next, playing the hits like Beneath the Wheel and Thrash Zone, two songs I recall playing right along with Death Angel and Prong in high school. Yep, I’m dating myself here but, ah well.

The headliner ST came on stage about 10:15 and the crowd erupted. Mike Muir who is the only remaining original member of ST strutted out like a prize fighter about to enter the ring in a heavyweight bout. Clothed in basketball shorts, a jersey, and his trademark bandana around the head, he showed that the good old boys still do it better. He’s still strong, revving up the crowd, spitting out his lyrics to the beats of the magnificent group of musicians he assembled. The band killed it, matching, if not outshining Muir throughout the whole set. I was really impressed with the bassist, the drummer, and the lead guitarist, who really brought it to this show tonight and well, damn, they just rocked.

Obviously, Muir isn’t ready to call it quits, touring and just releasing their album 13, the 13th by Suicidal. And how could he when he’s put together such a fabulous ensemble? Well shit that sounded formal. They kicked ass, man! Totally rocked us and sent us home happy.

Rock on Suicidal and DRI. You did the metal community proud!

Sharita Lira

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