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Open Air Lineup REVEALED


The lineup for the second Open Air 2017 has been announced.

Heavy hitters such as Kiss, Rob Zombie, Megadeth, Godsmack, Ozzy Osbourne, Lamb of God and Slayer will headline. What I find interesting is Slayer is closing second stage. 


Slayer CLOSING second stage? 

Well, that could be interesting since I believe they should be on first, right? 

Korn is returning for their second stint as is Meshuggah who will also be one of the second stage’s headliners. Dillinger Escape Plan, Falling in Reverse, Avatar, Metal Church, as well as Body count are other names on the bill that definitely draw a lot of attention. 

Let’s hope the second Open Air, can be as good as the first!

Are Metal Festivals Making a Comeback?


Since the days of Ozzfest, metal festivals in some parts of the US are a rarity. We can’t really count Lollapalooza or Riot Fest since it encompasses every genre. There is still Maryland Death Fest, but that’s on the east coast. In fact, I’ve noticed many of the fests either happen on the East or West coasts, leaving fans here in the Midwest with very little. For years I’ve wondered why, because the local metal community would definitely support a show completely dedicated to heavy music. Could it be the money it takes to produce such a show, the issues it presents like security, the venue, and what it would take to get enough heavy hitters on the bill to make such a festival a draw for loyal metal fans? All these are valid points, but I believe given more thought, a major fest would be successful here. Thankfully someone had the forethought to give it a try and create Open Air. Continue reading Are Metal Festivals Making a Comeback?

Oi! It’s Riot Fest eh!

It is a pleasure to have guests grace our pages but no truer words were ever uttered than having Samm Waatsen (ex-punk rocker/pre-law) write a quick synopsis of this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago. His flare for storytelling is epic! His “as if you were there” delivery is humorous yet heartfelt. Please, enjoy! 

Last year, on a grim November morning, I jumped in my wife’s car, popped in an unofficial Deathside discography, and hauled royal keister down to a West Loop rehearsal space called “the Garage.” My mission? To buy pre-sale vip tickets to Riot Fest… which would occur 10 months later.

Continue reading Oi! It’s Riot Fest eh!